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Security Operations and Threat Hunting

Course overview

Big companies with complex IT infrastructure need to protect it – or face the consequences of being compromised. Sophisticated attackers can bypass automatic defenses unnoticed. Here’s where Security Operations Center (SOC) comes to the rescue, bringing the expertise and skills of its professionals for upgraded business protection.

Developed by Kaspersky’s own SOC experts, this course offers a comprehensive training to SOC analysts and other staff dealing with security operations. The knowledge you will get is practical and tested: our experts update it daily, provide security to Kaspersky itself and deliver on-site training to clients all over the world.

During the time on the course, you will get to know the diverse roles within a SOC, its services and use cases, get acquainted with the modern attack tactics, techniques, and procedures, and learn how SOC helps deal with them. Within the numerous extensive practice sessions in the restricted areas of the virtual labs, you’ll get an opportunity to develop your skills in incident detection and investigation.


Our experts use and update their knowledge and skills daily – rest assured you’re getting the most relevant experience out there.


One hundred hours of practice in the virtual lab are included in your course – you can put your newly acquired knowledge to practice immediately!


The course covers a wide range of SOC expertise that will be equally challenging to both entry-level and mid-level SOC professionals.

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$1,400 inc. tax per learner  

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Training objectives:

The training will help companies, government organizations and academics to:

  • Understand the structure of Security Operations Center as a part of security defense services
  • Be able to plan and organize security monitoring in the enterprise
  • Use different threat intelligence sources to find new advanced threats
  • Detect and investigate malicious activity in Windows and Linux infrastructures based on attacker’s tactics, techniques and procedures
  • Learn threat hunting infrastructure based on ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana)

Your course leaders

Dmitry Uchakin

Dmitriy Uchakin

Kaspersky SOC Analyst and Researcher

Dmitriy is a Kaspersky SOC analyst, working in operation and research areas. He joined the company in 2019 and now performs real-time investigations of detected threats and the analysis of fresh APT threats that were observed around the globe. Dmitriy is responsible for the optimization of SOC operations, he helps to automate the SOC routines through the development of Jupyter notebooks, as well as robots for repeatable actions. He contributes to Kaspersky SOC’s Threat Hunting activities, like the creation of TH hypothesis, hunting for malicious indicators and converting successful cases into new threat detection rules.

Sergey Soldatov

Sergey Soldatov

Head of Kaspersky SOC

Sergey started his career over 20 years ago as a software developer, writing in C and Perl. After working as a sysadmin of security systems, he became a member of a SOC team and was engaged in threat detection and incident investigation. Currently, Sergey is the head of Kaspersky SOC, responsible for internal SOC activities at the company as well as external managed detection and response and Compromise assessment services. Sergey is a certified information systems security professional (CISSP, OSCP) and auditor (CISA).

Roman Nazarov

Roman Nazarov

Head of Kaspersky SOC Consulting

Roman has 13-years experience in Information Security mainly focused on SOC areas. He started his career as a security engineer and advanced to manage a team specializing in building SOC platforms for big national organizations. Working internationally on various challenges, like designing threat detection frameworks, Roman became a certified ArcSight instructor. Back in Russia, he developed a cyber security platform handling 2 million security events per second at the country’s biggest bank.

Now at Kaspersky SOC Consulting, he focuses on a complex approach that includes all areas of SOC/MSS/CERT design and architecture, establishing operations and development planning. Roman is an acknowledged professional holding certificates like CISSP, CISM, CISA, GNFA, GCIH.

Who it's for


SOC analysts and specialists
For cybersecurity specialists involved in security operations and threat hunting.


For teams and enterprises focusing on threat hunting.

How you'll learn


Guided video lectures
Learn from more than 60+ videos by the top-notch Kaspersky SOC experts, sharing their practical experience and hacks.

Active Learning

Hands-on virtual lab and various environments within
Practice in our fully configured virtual lab - and experience various environments to hunt a wide range of threats.

Active Learning

Iterative learning
The course is structured around progressive learning with a consistent module framework based on specialist overviews of each task, practical work in the virtual lab and detailed solution walk-throughs.


Benefits for you

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6 months to complete your course from activation of your access code Bullet Tick
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Delivered in English with subtitles Bullet Tick
Course Duration
Self-guided learning that fits around your life (It will take you approximately 18 hours to watch the videos) Bullet Tick
Browser-based access to virtual lab
100 hours of virtual lab time for hands-on learning Bullet Tick
Downloads Icon
PDF downloads of training materials & tips Bullet Tick
Mobile Access
Learning environment
Browser-based via desktop, mobile & tablet (excludes virtual lab which requires an RDP client) Bullet Tick
Course Author
Course author
Course author Members of Kaspersky Security Operations Center Bullet Tick
Guided Videos Icon
Guided videos
60+ videos to guide you through the course Bullet Tick
Technical Support Icon
Platform support
Platform support and help from our subject matter experts is available by email 0900 - 1730 UK time on standard business days via help.kasperskyxtraining.com Bullet Tick
Certification Icon
Certificate of completion
PDF document on a Kaspersky letterhead certifying the completion of the course, signed by the course leader(s) Bullet Tick

$1,400 inc. tax per learner  

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