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Cyber Capacity Building Program

Course overview

As enterprise IT systems get fit to solve sophisticated tasks, their complexity inevitably grows. But with increased complexity comes reduced security. How can companies today choose a reliable and trustworthy supplier or product and avoid supply chain risks? What if your organization has limited resources for cybersecurity - but you have security regulations to comply with?

Kaspersky’s online Cyber Capacity Building Program teaches you handy techniques for evaluating product security. Companies, government organizations, academia - all can enhance security of their ICT infrastructure through testing and understanding what goes on in a product or service. In this training, you’ll learn how to evaluate a product’s security; identify, prioritize and model threats; review code for security, and even delve into code fuzzing. You’ll get to know a range of approaches to managing vulnerabilities within your organization’s ICT infrastructure.

The training combines the industry’s most efficient methodologies and unique know-hows from Kaspersky’s own internal practices, including those from our pioneering Global Transparency Initiative and a network of Global Transparency centers where our cybersecurity solutions can be assessed.

Best practices

Our highly practical course gives a complex overview of how to protect your company against ICT supply chain risks. From threat modeling to secure code review, we will show you how to prioritize and understand the cybersecurity risks your organization faces each day.

Sharing our experience

As a global cybersecurity provider for 20+ years, we’ve gathered incomparable experience building cyber-resilient ICT infrastructure, and we’ll share this experience with trainees. You will also learn all the viable know-hows based on the work of Kaspersky Transparency Centers.

Hands-on learning

Improve your cybersecurity expertise with the ultra-practical exercises and concrete real-life cases. No wordy theory, no lengthy lectures – just precise and extremely tangible drills that efficiently convert time spent into skills acquired.

All Levels

All levels


$1,400 inc. tax per learner  

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Training objectives:

The training aims to assist companies, government organizations and academia with:

  • Building capacity to identify, evaluate and estimate risks related to external applications in ICT infrastructure
  • Managing identified risks and assessing the integrity and security of external applications
  • Forming a list of requirements for external applications to minimize cybersecurity risks related to them
  • Developing an understanding of industry best practices for building a secure ICT ecosystem with regard to external applications


  • Basic understanding of information security and secure software development lifecycles
  • Basic knowledge of C/C++, JS, PHP, Python
  • Minor programming experience
  • Experience in threat modelling will be an advantage

Your course leaders

Igor Temp Profile

Igor Kumagin,

Cybersecurity Expert

Anaastasiya Profile

Anastasiya Kazakova,

Senior Public Affairs Manager

Alexey Temp Profile

Alexey Shchukarev,

Senior Information Security Architect

Roland Profile

Roland Sako,

Security Researcher,
ICS CERT Vulnerability Research

Who it's for


Government organizations, including government CERTs
Government organizations, no matter their size and capacities, should build trusted and cyber-resilient ICT infrastructures to mitigate cybersecurity risks that may impact the public security, economic and social well-being of their citizens.


Academia and research institutions
These organizations often handle a lot of personal or even sensitive data but are very often under-resourced to afford dedicated cybersecurity specialists. Kaspersky’s Cyber Capacity Building Program is a cost-effective solution to address this problem.

Cybersecurity Consultancies

Other companies
This training is useful to private organizations, including small and medium companies, and particularly to information security professionals, managers and executives. Understanding the basics of software verification will improve their supply risk management processes and secure their systems.

How you'll learn


Guided video lectures
Hands-on knowledge from Kaspersky experts and key practitioners.

Active Learning

Iterative learning
Practical exercises and detailed solution walkthroughs.


Benefits for you

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6 months to complete your course from activation of your access code Bullet Tick
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Delivered in English with subtitles Bullet Tick
Course Duration
Self-guided learning that fits around your life Bullet Tick
Mobile Access
Learning environment
Browser-based via desktop, mobile & tablet Bullet Tick
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Platform support
Platform support and help from our subject matter experts is available by email 0900 - 1730 UK time on standard business days via help.kasperskyxtraining.com Bullet Tick
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Certificate of completion
PDF document on a Kaspersky letterhead certifying the completion of the course, signed by the course leader(s) Bullet Tick

$1,400 inc. tax per learner  

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